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How to Make Copy Cat Recipes At Home

Author: W Lane
Why eat out and spend $60, $80 or even $110 or more at your favorite restaurant when you can make those same excellent meals in your own kitchen with a copy cat recipe for a third or less of the price? That's right, all your favorite out-to-eat meals made to save money in these economic times without sacrificing your favorite foods.

I'm not talking about just several recipes from some mediocre restaurants. I am referring to the popular recipes from many well known restaurants. Applebees, Outback Steakhouse, Bob Evans, Cracker Barrel, Olive Garden, Chilis, Ruby Tuesday, Red Lobster are just to name a few. The creators of the Recipe Secrets cookbook series are a set of professionals who are cooking and perfecting these recipes to ensure that you are receiving the exact guide for your favorite foods. Imagine mezmorizing your family and friends with Applebee's Babyback Ribs or Outback Steakhouse?s Bloomin Onion. And to think of the moolah you will be saving by cooking these excellent meals from your own home.

On top of all this, Ron and his chefs have added even more to this special deal. You not only get versions 1 and 2 of America?s Copycat Recipes, you also get:

Secret Sauces Exposed!: The Savory Sauces of 5-Star Restaurants
Good Ole Home Cooked Foods: The Go-to Recipes Theyre Sure to Love
The Grill Master's Guide to Grilling and Smoking
Special Occasion Cookbook: The Special Recipes for Special Days
Diabetic Delights: The Healthier Version of Your Favorite Foods
Kid Approved Cookbook: Awesome Dishes the Kids Will Love

You get 8 cookbooks in all totaling over 800 recipes at your fingertips. These bonus cookbooks are amazing. I am especially pleased with the Grilling Cookbook extra. If you are at all new to using a grill or a smoker, this cookbook will be well worth the cost of this entire package. They really guide you through the simple, easy to understand steps with explicit instructions so your cullinary outcomes are a success. As a huge bonus using a smoker will open up a whole new universe of flavor like you have never witnessed. I also reference the Special Occasion Cookbook for fixing those traditional holiday dinners that you just can't seem to get right like mom or grandma did. These bonus cookbooks will definitely permit you to make those traditional holiday meals with ease, following simple instructions and achieving top rated chef results.

Now, there are some free publications of a few of the recipes on the internet however, there is a reason that they are free. They are not the real recipes. They are missing something. They haven't been tested by a professional chef. The recipes here are the real deal. They have been tried and perfected to provide you the ingredients and step by step plans to create your favorite restaurant dishes at home. You won't find any any more authentic anywhere else, and they have bought themselves in just one meal. But don?t take my word for it, try it out for yourself at Copy Cat Recipe.

Get all your favorite restaurant recipes at copycatrecipe.info. You should be creating your favorite copy cat recipe right now.